Lower Back Pain Chiropractor In Gresham OR

Preventing and Treating Lower Back Pain in Gresham, OR

Lower back pain is one of the most common issues people face. It can be mild, but often, it starts out quite extreme and takes a long time to heal. In many cases, a doctor’s help is needed to make the pain stop and allow for a return to normal activities. Since chiropractors focus on treating the spine, they are often the doctors of choice for back pain sufferers.
Lower Back Pain Chiropractor Gresham OR

What Makes Back Problems so Common?

One major issue is the nature of the back itself. It has to hold the torso upright and in line with the hips and legs. This is a lot of work since the torso is also the heaviest part of the body. The job also needs to be done constantly all day, even when sitting. This itself leads to wear and tear on the spine and the accompanying muscles.

The next problem is the tendency of adults to lift things using their back muscles. Proper lifting is done by crouching down with the back straight, grabbing the object, and then standing back up with the back still held straight. Doing it this way puts most of the lifting work onto the large muscles of the thighs, which are well-equipped to handle some extra weight.
Many people – if not most people – do not properly lift. They bend over at the hips, creating an arch in their backs, and then straighten up using the back and hip muscles. The back muscles are too weak for this, especially when the object being lifted is heavy.

What Can be Done to Prevent Lower Back Pain?

The key to lower back pain prevention is to use proper lifting techniques, as explained in the prior section. Next is to lose weight if you need to. Extra weight produces a more downward force on the spine’s components, as well as requiring more muscle strength to keep upright. Finally, be sure to sit straight and use ergonomic chairs. Being in a chair that doesn’t fit right can get your back hurting surprisingly fast, especially if you’re in it all day due to your job.

How Can Back Pain be Treated?

There are many ways to treat back pain, but chiropractic care is one of the best. This is, in part, because a chiropractor in Gresham & Portland, OR, doesn’t use drugs or surgery. Instead, he will perform spinal manipulations, give massages, do disc decompression, or provide other therapies meant to not only relieve pain but the structural problems that cause it. This allows for healing without the risk of drug addiction or side-effects, surgery-related infection, or other dangers.

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