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People know that whiplash is a common injury for those who have been in an auto accident, but many don’t realize that such crashes aren’t the only cause. Therefore, they may not take the precautions needed to avoid it in other activities. There is also some confusion about just what whiplash is. Here is some information about this unique form of injury to help clear things up:
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What is Whiplash?

A whiplash injury involves the cervical spine, which is the part that runs through the neck. It is caused when the head is moved forward and backward with excessive force. The head can be said to have been “whipped” or “lashed” in these directions, hence the injury’s name.

When whiplash occurs, the discs and vertebrae in the neck are compressed and moved out of their normal positions. The tendons and ligaments around them are strained as well. Together, these damages result in pain, trouble moving the neck, and in some cases, pain and disability elsewhere in the body. Distant body parts are affected because the nerves that control them go through the cervical spine. Neck injuries can, therefore, interfere with nerve signal transmission.

What Can Cause Whiplash?

Anything that causes the neck and head to move in a whipping or lashing way can do it. Car wrecks are the most infamous source of the problem, but it is hardly exclusive to this type of misfortune. Unexpected blows to the back or head are common in certain contact sports, It’s even possible to get it from certain intentional activities. Many heavy metal fans have experienced a sore neck after headbanging, never realizing that they had actually given themselves whiplash in their fervor.

How is it Treated?

Treatment options have improved since the days when doctors would just put everyone with whiplash into cervical collars and then wait for healing. Now, along with treatment from a chiropractor in Gresham & Portland, OR, it is recommended that you get therapy that includes range-of-motion exercises. Doing these exercises improves your ability to painlessly move your neck sooner than if you used a collar treatment.

When you go to a chiropractor, you’ll be X-rayed to determine the exact position of the cervical vertebrae. This will determine which chiropractic treatments and methods are needed to get them back into the proper alignment. You’ll also be checked for damage to your muscles and ligaments. Massage therapy and other treatments may be prescribed to help with the damage to your soft tissues.
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