Dr. Betsill, Dr. Coughing, and the Aspire team are fantastic! I have been suffering from back pain, on and off, throughout most of my life. Dr. Betsill created a treatment plan for me to help resolve the underlying issue for my pain instead of just treating a symptom. After just two weeks of treatment, I’m feeling so much better! I know I’ve got a little ways to go with my treatment, but I am so happy with the current results and can’t wait to see how I’ll feel at the end!
All the staff are very professional and kind. They truly care about their patients. And I’m always happy to go in for my visits! Thank Aspire team! You all are the best!
Joanna Williams

I first went to see Dr. Betsil when my lower back was in so much pain that I couldn’t stand up straight, it really affected my everyday tasks. It’s been about 6 months since then and LET ME TELL YOU.. my health has changed so much I’m standing straight, I’m stronger and I feel absolutely incredible.
The front desks ladies are always great and professional. When you walk in you’re treated like family and for me that is so important. Thank you all!
Keiana Chhay

Dr.Betsill and his staff are so friendly and amazing. I’ve had shoulder, back, and knee issues and have gone to Aspire for each ailment and have had great progress in healing each time.
Jess Stalling