Chiropractic FAQs

What happens on the first visit if I am a New Patient?
The office staff will have you fill out some paperwork so the doctors are familiar with your complaints and health history. The doctor will review your paperwork and then sit down and ask you questions, listen to your complaints and concerns, and identify your goals for care. Next the doctor will examine your body and spine to find the cause of your problem and in most cases perform any necessary x-rays to see what your spine looks like and how it is moving.
Will I be adjusted on the first visit?
The doctor will make that decision based on your presentation, exam and x-ray findings. If you’re in a lot of pain the doctor will provide some type of relief care to help you. In most cases your first adjustment will be performed on the second visit. This gives the doctor time to review and analyze your x rays so he makes sure you get the most accurate first adjustment to help and start the healing process of your condition.
What conditions do you treat?
We treat many common conditions including but not limited to; neck and back pain, headaches, disc herniations, sciatica, numbness, tingling, weakness, extremity problems, whiplash, auto and work injury, sports injury, and of course that stubborn back of yours that has gone out again pinching those nerves.
Does being adjusted hurt?
We do everything we possibly can to make sure you have the most comfortable adjustment possible. Again, this is one reason we x ray your spine. We also utilize gentle low force techniques such as Activator Technique, Drop Table adjustments. With all that said there is a chance you may become sore but most of the time that just feels similar to soreness after a workout. We will provide you with a complimentary cold pack to help with the occasional soreness from your treatments.
Does my insurance cover massage and can I get it the same day as my adjustment?
We will do a complimentary benefits check. In some plans you can get a massage on the same day as your adjustment.
Do you have a massage therapist? Is it better to have a massage before or after my adjustment?
That can be a preference but really doesn’t matter. You can look at it in two different ways. One being my muscles are more relaxed for adjustment, the other is my body is in better alignment and moving better for the massage. Either way is fine.
Do you take health insurance?
Yes, we are in network with most health insurance. Bring a copy of your card to your first visit and we will do a complimentary benefits check to let you know what your insurance covers and does not cover.
Do you treat auto and work injuries?
Yes, We have 12 years of experience treating injuries from auto accidents and work injuries. We are also very knowledgeable in the process of setting up your claim and we will help guide you through the steps.
Do you treat expecting mothers?
Yes, We are experienced in treating mothers all throughout their pregnancy. The goal is to support the expecting mother so she has the best possible opportunity to have the shortest and easiest labor and delivery.
Do you treat kids and babies?
Yes. We love treating kids and babies! They have spines just like you. Whether your child or adolescent has a fall or your baby is just not comfortable in life we can often help.
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