Holiday Specials

Holiday Specials, Use Your Health Savings Account Money Before it Expires!

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Foot, ankle, hip or back pain?

Could be coming from you feet. Let us scan your feet to see if Foot Leveler Orthotics could help you?

1 Pair of Orthotics Reg $325.00 on sale for $275.00

Nutritional, Blood and Hair Analysis

Begin your New Year Health Resolutions with a Complete Nutritional, Blood and Hair Analysis through our Science Based Nutrition Program.

Regular Price: $1200.00 Holiday Special $1000.00

Feel Better and be the best version of yourself in 2024!

Lose Weight, Gain Energy, Reduce Body Inflammation to eliminate pain, Control Autoimmune Diseases, Discover How to Get off Medications.

Get a snap shot of where your health is now and where it will be going if you don't make changes.

Discover how life long exposure to toxins and heavy metals are affecting your body at a cellular level.

Know exactly what nutrition, vitamins and minerals your body needs to feel better! No Guess Work.

What you will Get:   Complete Bloodwork and Hair Analysis,  Detailed Health Report, and Three 30 min Consultations over a 3 month period with Dr. King, Chiropractor and Dietician.  
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