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Living with pain can be difficult and sometimes over-the-counter medication can lose their effectiveness. When this happens you need to contact a chiropractor that knows and understands what you are going through. The chiropractor at Aspire Chiropractic & Massage, located at 22124 NE Glisan St. Gresham, OR 97030, specialize in treating various types of body ailments. When you contact our office, we will set you up with an appointment to come in and meet with Dr. Mark Betsill.

Dr. Betsill’s compassion and commitment to alleviate pain and discomfort is reflected in his work. To make visiting our office convenient and hassle-free, first-time patients can download new patient forms directly from our website. New patients may also download and print their forms from their home or office at their own convenience.


Contact Methods Aspire Chiropractic & Massage Offers are:

For patients who prefer online communication, we have an active, clickable email link that puts our patients in direct contact with our office. When you contact our office ask about our New Patient special offer! If you visit us online, you can click the special offer button, and sign up a for free complimentary one-on-one consultation.

Meet Our Professional Contact Support Staff Members

Patients contact us for numerous reasons regarding their health. Aspire Chiropractic & Massage helps hundreds of patients recover from serious injuries and health concerns. If you have been injured due to an auto accident or from a job injury, we can help. Dr. Betsill and his staff offer personalized care using both traditional and non-traditional methods.

Our licensed massage therapists specializes in the art of healing through a number of manipulative hands-on techniques. They currently work with patients needing relief from injuries due to sports, work accidents and auto accidents or for relaxation.

Contact our office and speak with Brenda, our office manager. She will assist you in navigating your health or auto insurance benefits. Reach out to us at (503) 618-0147 or visit us online. Your progress to good health is one click away!